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When a small-town class reunion turns deadly, a private investigator reaches out to you to help find the killer. New discoveries in the victim’s finances and recent reports make you rethink who the victim was and how he died. Someone new gives their recount of the murder night, but does it support any of the suspects’ alibis? Desperate for new leads, the Private Investigator re-interviews the remaining suspects, and one of them makes a startling unexpected confession. When crucial evidence emerges from the past, you’re finally able to bring the killer to justice. Each month your box is packed with documents, letters, ciphers, and clues that will reveal details about the murder of Charlie Macdonagh.

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From: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. These are the rules to create web content that can be easily found, understood and used. They are based on writing principles and techniques that help make web content clear and adapted to the needs of all people. Use it with the Canada.

Choose from + Antique Writing Boxes, prices from £ to £ Only Genuine Antique Writing Boxes Approved. Date of Manufacture declared on all.

They also made lighter gift sets,. Only the content changed. The pocket lighter box design changed certainly times over the years. This boxes shows photos, along with a brief description, of when the box was used. The dates given are approximate, as there is no conclusive timeline for them. Late Shallow Box. Late – Old Candy Striped Box.

The purpose certainly to return lighters safely to the customer, zippo the lighter was serviced, repaired, or had signatures or logos applied. This box was used for sales of new lighters, how well as a return box for customers sending their lighter in for service. Without registered trademark logo. With registered trademark logo.

Antique Writing Boxes

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Packing folding cartons of salt. Set-up boxes were first used in the 16th century and modern folding cartons date back to The first corrugated box was.

Antique Boxes Antique boxes come in lots of different sizes and styles with various uses from a tea caddy to a jewellery box or stationery writing slope. Antique Tea Caddy Antique Tea Caddies were mainly made in the 18th century as Tea was exceptionally expensive so it was locked away in a decorative small box. These were expensive boxes made from rare woods such as rosewood or burr walnut as they were kept out on display. Antique Writing Slope Antique Writing Slopes or also knows as lap-desks were mainly a 19th Century design where you could have a hinged box that opened to reveal a sloping writing surface, several compartments for stationery, ink wells and ink pen and were used whilst travelling around the world.

Below is previous sold examples to show you the different beautiful pieces that we often offer and if any particular design looks of interest please let us know so we can inform you of similar pieces when they come in stock. This Victorian, circa , antique tea caddy is of superb quality and constructed from flamed mahogany. It has a strikingly shaped lid which when opened reveals two original tea boxes with hinged lids and a glass mixing bowl.

This elegantly styled caddy is of superb quality with a wonderfully striking flamed mahogany finish. This Fabulous Quality Victorian Burr Walnut Antique Tea Caddy circa, is constructed from beautifully figured burr walnut with a kingwood cross banded edge. The interior has two removable lids with turned handles.

It has a dome top lid with decorative brass fittings and comes with two glass inkwells with brass lids that sit neatly above a pen tray.

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The Met Fifth Ave opens August The Met Cloisters opens September Your health is our top priority. Writing-box sets are used in poetry contests or incense games in which several participants have to write at the same time.

We restore and sell antique wooden boxes that make great gifts for special Many of them date from the 19th or early 20th centuries, and so they carry the signs new Hand-made Finishing Papers along with new leathers for writing slopes.

How to apply, pay for, renew, close, transfer, refund a Post Office Box. What is PO Box service. How do I apply for a PO Box. How do I pay for my PO Box. How do I renew a PO Box. How do I close a PO Box.

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Object Type Portable writing boxes were widely used before the introduction of large, fixed desks later in the 17th century. They were placed on a table or on the lap. Similarly profuse chip-carved ornament is found on other writing boxes of the same period.

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Read more. Antique writing slopes are usually slanted with a lid and of a small portable proportion to store and aid writing sometimes during travel. A unusually large Georgian Mahogany Writing Box C with recessed brass side handles of a scroll pattern, corner straps and a blank escutcheon in the top, matching the design of the handles. The box This item is in nice condition but will require some attention to the interior fabric. Dimensions closed are: Item can be picked up in the Watford area.

A quality antique writing slope with new blue leather and gilt tooled writing surface. The fitted interior includes compartments for inkwell, pens and stamps with two stationary compartments beneath the writing surface. The exterior is Coromandel wood brass bound comes with working key too, lock Brahms which depicts quality sadly the leather has split in usual place being on the fold, the box has the odd blemish of time but Superb inlaid box, in quality walnut with super inlays to top has working key and lock the mirror has over time become ghosted , the jewels section is still quite good, the slopes leather is

antique and vintage writing box

Many preschool classrooms include learning centers for example, a writing center, a science center, a water table where children use hands-on materials to explore, play, and learn about specific topics. Store proportional wooden blocks or colorful pattern blocks in plastic tubs, along, with clipboards, paper, and crayons. Children can create buildings and roads, then make signs to go with them. Pretend play.

A great examples of a writing slope dating to William IV. It’s primarily made from rosewood with military brass bounding all around the box for extra strength and.

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Tea caddies, writing boxes dating from to Public · Hosted by Dr John E Crews Antiques. clock. 8 Dates · Feb 6 – Mar 15 · EST. Event ended about 5.

Compelling documents require more than just words. Enhance your work with shapes, text boxes, symbols, links or equations. In SkyDesk Writer, you can insert non-text elements to better illustrate your point or catch your reader’s eye. There are many symbols used in the sciences which you cannot input from the keyboard. That is why we have a symbol-set ready for you. You can create hyperlinks to direct the reader to a detailed explanation of a concept, a related document or web page.

If you need to fit in a page of content between two pages, which are already done, you can use the insert blank page option. If you want to end a topic in a page and start the next one in the following page, use a page break. If you think you have an image in your gallery that fits the context of your content, you can use this option. If your colleague has shared the URL of a picture and you want to upload it, you can use this option.

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Form field properties, Add tooltips, date and time, calculated values The Edit button opens a dialog box in which you can write, edit, and add.

The visa form also requires the applicant to glue a photo taken according to the visa photograph specifications and requirements. Filling up correctly the Schengen visa application form is one the most important part of the entire European visa application process. The visa application form has 37 questions that must be filled in by the applicant with relevant information. These questions are outlined below, along with information on how to fill each of them.

Bear in mind that any false statements will result in your visa being refused. Download the Schengen Visa application form and fill it in cautiously and honestly as described below. Write the full name, address, and nationality of the person holding parental authority or legal guardianship. Write the number as indicated in your passport or in your travel document.

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A desk is a desk, right? Well, not really. Many different types of desks have developed over the centuries, and many of them don’t resemble modern home and office desks much at all. A number of these styles have been revived over and over, and still inspire reproductions in their likeness. Some also overlap in their descriptors.

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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A fine English writing box , oak with brass mounts, interior sumptuously fitted in coromandel and purple velvet with gilded ink pots, circa , James Sherwin antique mahogany brass bound writing box with owner’s name plate on the lid ‘Jas.

Sherwin, ‘… Show 38 more like this. Large and extensive flame mahogany brass bound campaign writing box with fully fitted interior including leather writing slope, inkwells and presentation plaque ‘Broad Street Presbyterian Church Sunday School ‘, veneers missing to reverse Show 9 more like this. Tasmanian huon pine and blackwood parquetry writing box, fitted inside, 37 cm wide, 31 cm deep, Colonial musk inlaid writing compendium with fiddleback blackwood interior, thyra inlaid to top, 22 cm high, 38 cm wide, A Regency rosewood or mahogany and brass inlay writing box the box has a two-sided tooled leather writing slope, with interior compartments, pen holders and lower pull out drawer.

Length: 42 cm;Width: A brass bound mahogany writing slope, English 19th century 13 cm high, 41 cm wide, 25 cm deep Show 13 more like this. With string inlay and mother of pearl cartouche and escutcheon.

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