Samsung dating app lets you judge suitors based on the contents of their FRIDGE

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Now Your Fridge Will Help You Find A Date, Thanks To Samsung

Dating apps can be a tricky place and often people might feel a little lost trying to find a perfect match. After all, not all give proper bios or real photos on Tinder, right? And even if it all goes fine on the cyberspace, it might not go well while meeting in person especially over the food or choice of restaurant.

Refrigerator dating expert John Stonehill, 42, from California, claims he can tell how a romance will go by looking at the contents of couples’.

Even though some think the holiday is a little cheesy, millions will still celebrate by taking that special someone to dinner for a romantic night out. If you are single, there is a new tool that might just help you find your true love. Samsung is known for its TVs, smartphones and tablets. But the company now wants to help give a boost to your love life, in a very creative way.

The company has created a free online tool designed to help find your soulmate. Yep, your refrigerator. First, you need to create an account. Then, simply upload a picture of the inside of your fridge to the online tool. This allows others to see what type of food you eat on a regular basis, which is supposed to give them an idea of who you are.

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You all know that the first time you visit the home of the person you just started dating the first thing you do is go rifle through the medicine cabinet. Admit it. We all do it.

This Refrigerator Test Will Reveal Whether You’re Single Or Dating Someone. Your fridge don’t lie. Stephen LaConte. by Stephen LaConte.

I f you are single and looking for a cool new way to meet people, Samsung has just the thing. The electronics company recently launched Refrigerdating , a service that matches you with dates based on what is inside your fridge. At this point I would like to point out that smart fridges are one of the stupidest things to come out of the modern world. Despite my hatred for smart fridges, I selflessly joined Refrigerdating for research purposes. I soon learned that Cilla from Stockholm is into oat milk, Nico from Stockholm has a large eggplant and Patrick from Stockholm only eats condiments.

Not to sound like a fridge fetishist, but Samsung is really on to something here; my gut says it should go further with the concept. How about an app that matches people based on their willingness to consume food with mould on it? It could be called Can You Stomach Me? Topics Dating Opinion.

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The latest dating app has folks swiping through pictures of fridges, not faces. Author: Christina Izzo; Publish date: Jul 18,

Perhaps you need a new approach: The new app Refrigerdating allows users to take a peek inside other people’s fridges and decide whether you like them based on what’s inside. The app was created by Samsung, and the idea is that “the inside is all that counts” — the inside of your fridge, that is. According to the developers, the kitchen is one of the most important places in a relationship, which is why they believe in finding love this way.

To get started, all you do is take a picture of your fridge, and then you can start looking through what other users have in theirs. Before you upload your first pic, Samsung says: “Don’t go styling your fridge now! If this is to work, it needs to be the real thing. But, as with all dating apps, the temptation to give yourself — or in this case, your fridge — a quick make-over before uploading a picture is probably too much to avoid.

Nevertheless, if you do give it a try, keep in mind the old maxim: Opposites attract.

Dating App for Smart Fridges Matches Singles Based on Leftovers

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The Tinder-like app, called Refrigerdating, can significantly improve your dating life, apparently.

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Stonehill launched his quirky website, Checktheirfridge. The Province put Stonehill to the test with a blind fridge analysis of two of our reporters. The first fridge belongs to Stephanie Ip, 26, who is single and dating and lives in East Vancouver.

You’ve heard of dating self-help. But what about dating shelf-help?“Refrigerator dating expert” John Stonehill analyzes singles‘ fridges to see if.

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8 Things You Can Learn About Your Date by Looking in His Fridge

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Most of us have had that two-week-old gallon of milk in our fridge we weren’t too sure about. When we check the expiration date and find that it.

Have you ever been on a date with someone only to discover their palate is not as refined as yours? Thanks to the new dating service called Refrigerdating that matches you with people based on the contents of their fridge, these sorts of horrifying experiences might be a thing of the past. So how does it work? For those among us who never remember to make a grocery list before they go to the store, the fridge is a lifesaver. The exterior of the fridge even has a touchscreen with a variety of different apps that make it a centerpiece of the kitchen.

To get started on Refrigerdating, all you have to do is upload a picture of the inside of your fridge.

Can Your Refrigerator Improve Your Dating Life?

So I felt it was my duty to share this revelation with the dating public. Though we wish it otherwise, nothing is black and white. Here are a few submission highlights. Take a good look at those fridges before reading my analysis and then chime in.

Perhaps you need a new approach: The new app Refrigerdating allows users to take a peek inside other people’s fridges and decide whether.

Refrigerdating is a new dating app from Samsung that matches people’s fridge contents. Samsung has launched a dating app where users upload pictures of the contents of their fridge then get swiping to find a perfect match. There was once a time when it was embarrassing to admit that you were online dating. But all that has changed. Dating apps have become so ubiquitous that first Tinder exchanges are even being read out at wedding ceremonies.

Most dating apps require a user to upload photos and a short bio which is then perused by interested parties. You might look for a partner you find has great features, interesting hobbies, and a cute dog.

Why you shouldn’t date your type